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History of MHCCA

During the fall of 1968, a small group of Chinese people in Mid-Hudson Valley started to form an association for sponsoring the coming Chinese New Year party. They put a few candidate names on a ballot along with proposed by-laws. The ballots were mailed to all the people they knew how to contact and asked them to vote for the officers, trustees, and to provide their approval of the proposed by-laws. After a count of the returned written ballots, Dr. Richard Chu was elected as the first President of MHCCA. John Lu as the Vice President and Prof. Chin as the Secretary. With the help of many others, they organized the first MHCCA Chinese New Year party which was held in February 1969 at the former IBM Country Club (Casperkill Country Club today). It was attended by over 350 people including children. They had a catered Chinese dinner from the Canton Chinese Restaurant (which was then on Main Street in Poughkeepsie) served in the field house. After the dinner, Dr. Chu delivered his inauguration speech, outlining his proposed activities for the coming year. It was a 10 minute talk followed by an entertaining program, of which  main part was ballroom dancing. It was a semi-formal affair with everyone dressed up as they might be for a wedding reception. It was a very happy and succesful event and the party lasted until midnight ......

Since then each year MHCCA will re-elect the board of MHCCA to serve the members for the following year.

The following people served as the presidents and the vice presidents of the MHCCA:


1968 --- 1969     朱兆凡 (Richard Chu),  吴伯奮

1970                 何宜慈, John Lu ?,蕭慕岳

1971                 童虎, 郭鲁泰

1972                 任德新, Julia Lee

1973                 張宜華, 黄索倫

1974                 丁崇玉, Peter 辛?, 黄索倫

1975                 章哲民, 張源

1976                 丁崇玉, 丘文甫

1977                 李麗君, 刘兆華

1978                 Rosa Shen, 陳俊偉

1979                 Harvey于, Lily 黄

1980                 傅衍,

1981                 陳銀莲

1982                 楊孝威,曹宏文 ?, 郭红

1983                 陸永興

1984                 曹宏文


1987                 郭景民

1988                 吴绍茂                

1989                 雲天一 (Daniel Win)

1990                 章安發, 黄端凌

1991                 周逸駒, Julia Candee                

1992                 張俊傑

1993                 陳旭晟 (Steve Chen), 王安瓊 (Julia Wang)

1994                 陳銀莲, 陸啟文

1995                 蔡培燕, 劉秋練

1996                 童元培, 劉秋練

1997                 葉其中, 温新全

1998                 葉青, 沈贤能

1999                 傅麗卿, 梅绍寧

2000 --- 2003     梅绍寧, 吴志坚 

2003 --- 2004      潘美玉 (Alice Wong)

2004 --- 2005     袁安源 (Arthur Yuan)

2005 --- 2007     王寧五 (Ning-Wu Wang)

2007 --- 2009     蔡培燕 ( Peiyan Tsai )

2009 --- 2011     周如鸿 (Ruhong Zhou)

2011 --- 2012      張宏光 (John Zhang)

2012 --- 2013      蔡培燕  (Peiyan Tsai)

2013 --- 2014      潘美玉 (Alice Wong)  

2014 --- 2015       Acting President: 劉建平 John Liu              

The current president of the MHCCA:
2015 --- 2016      潘美玉 Alice Wong              
The current directors of MHCCA:
President                   Alice Wong         潘美玉
President                   Jianping Liu        刘建平
Vice-President            Yue Tan              谭悦
Secretary                   Geng Wang        王耕 
Treasurer                   Liping Zhu          朱麗萍
Director                     Ziping Wang       王子平
Director                     Joyce Li              张中红     
Director                     Yan Yan              颜燕       
Director                     Catherine Shih    石鐘宜芝
Director                     Jonathan Wong   黄海平
Advisor                      Peiyan Tsai         蔡培燕
Advisor                      Yong Bao            鲍咏
Advisor                      Ying Wang          王穎
Advisor                      Shaoning Mei      梅紹寧 
Advisor                      Zhengguo Chen     
Advisor                      Peipei Qiu           丘培培      
Advisor                      Gina Lee             李靖娜

MHCCA Mission

- Promotes understanding and the enhancement of cooperation among members through social contacts.
- A nonpolitical and nonprofit organization

We were very honored to be the winning recipient of the DCAC Grant Award 2 years in a roll, 2003 & 2004 accordingly.
This is the 2003 (first time) award ceremony.

Copy of Picture 022.jpg
DCAC Grant Award , 2003

Picture 030.jpg
DCAC Grant Award , 2003

Dutchess County Project Grant Award 2004
February 26 2004
Representatives from the Xuaxia Chinese School Drum Team, MHCCA Women's Dance Team and Directors of MHCCA attended the ceremony and received the award from the Dutchess County Arts Council.

2004 Dutchess County Porject Grant Award

2004 Dutchess County Project Grant Award


This MHCCA web site has been established since August, 2006, but will be shutdown soon.